Here’s what people are saying through testimonials…

“I could not imagine a better partner for our Internal Audit function. Always responsive and willing to share best practices. The result of our over 10-year association has been a dramatically improved everyday operation. Shatswell is certainly a big part of our team.”

“Our first year with Shatswell was exactly as advertised! This feels exactly as it was sold to us upfront where the relationship feels like a true partnership! We are very appreciative of what seems to be the Shatswell culture of working with us to improve our processes and control environment, not to ‘catch us’ when we have lapses or make mistakes. This is a very good fit and what we were looking for over past service providers! The Shatswell team has a good understanding of the nature, scope, and realities of operating our bank!”

“Shatswell Macleod has provided us with exceptional and consistent service with attention to detail for over 10 years.  I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a solid business partner.”

“We engaged Shatswell, MacLeod with the intention of enhancing the depth of our internal audits to really identify where our issues were as we felt our existing provider was not doing this justice.  A few months into the first-year audit plan we are confident we made the right choice”

“Since engaging Shatswell, MacLeod, we realized what we were lacking. We’ve utilized other auditing companies before and the added benefits and thoroughness that Shatswell, MacLeod incorporates into their internal audit process is why we plan on using them for the foreseeable future. Their audit staff is professional and knowledgeable and provide useful and insightful recommendations”

“I’ve been with several banks during my 35 year career and I am comfortable saying Shatswell is the best firm I’ve partnered with for internal auditing.  Our institution is extremely pleased with Shatswell for a number of reasons including:


  • The level of expertise they possess in all aspects of community banking.  The size of their firm allows them to have the necessary talent so their associates can specialize as needed.

  • With the number of institutions they serve they are able to offer “Best Practice” solutions to issues we face, especially in the area of regulations.

  • Tom is our primary contact and someone both our management team and Audit Committee respect and are comfortable contacting, should the need arise.  From my perspective as CEO I find him professional in a down to earth way, very accessible and a pleasure to deal with.  Most impressive is his ability to cut through less important issues and highlight those most important to the company.”

“Shatswell, MacLeod delivered what they promised to us during the engagement proposal process. A no-nonsense, value-added approach that got to the core of our operations and compliance and identified areas we needed to work on. We are extremely pleased with our selection of Shatswell, MacLeod.”

“We have utilized Shatswell, MacLeod for over 10 years as our internal audit provider.  They have helped us to develop a solid audit program for our bank and have the expertise on staff to provide expanded scope when we have had new initiatives.  The efficiency and quality of our internal audit program is largely from the partnership with Shatswell, MacLeod.”


“We have utilized the services of Shatswell, MacLeod as our outsourced internal audit function for over seven years. The audit plans, which they propose have been comprehensive. The professionalism and knowledge base of their staff has kept up with the continually changing environment of the banking industry’s needs. Their audits often produce a bi-product of insightful recommendations. The knowledge and experience of the Bank Secrecy team in BSA audits, AML Validations and general questions is second to none and has been of tremendous valus to us!

We view Shatswell, MacLeod as a partner helping us to maintain and enhance the Bank’s control environment. We highly recommend the services they provide to others with confidence.”

“We have had Shatswell, MacLeod as our internal audit partner for close to fifteen years now.  I personally have worked with them since joining the Bank five years ago. We continue to be pleased with the experience of the team, their responsiveness to needs that arise, and most importantly the quality of their audits.  Despite their longevity with the bank, their approach continues to be vigilant and unique. We highly recommend them as a valued partner!”

“We first engaged Shatswell, MacLeod in 2009 for the quarterly review of our secondary market loans and they continue to provide us this service. Our relationship expanded in 2015 by outsourcing a portion of our internal audit work, and the scope of their involvement continued to grow along with the bank. We have been extremely satisfied with their service, knowledge, and professionalism.

“Shatswell, MacLeod’s internal audit team has provided thorough, in-depth reviews ensuring we have appropriate policies, procedures and practices which help prepare us for regulatory examinations.  Their approach is constructive, adaptable and personable and we are extremely happy to have them as our outsourced provider.”

“We have utilized Shatswell, MacLeod as our internal audit partner for over 15 years and have found them to be extremely professional and experienced.  They are up to date on all audit and compliance issues, and they always bring a high degree of professionalism to the table.  They are not only our partner but are integral to our financial institution.”

“Shatswell has been an excellent partner as we developed and implemented a new audit methodology and approach toward co-source/outsource audit oversight.  Shatswell’s ability to deliver qualified resources to augment our staffing model has enabled us to deliver quality audits that are viewed as adding value to the Bank.”