Our Team

As a firm philosophy, Shatswell, MacLeod recognizes the importance of providing the highest quality of service to our valued clients. In this regard, we recognize that our personnel are a key ingredient in quality and that the experience of our staff is critical. We recognize that the experience of our personnel is even more critical in providing internal audit, regulatory compliance, and related services given the role that we play and our objective to ensure that our services go beyond levels of expectation set by our clients and our clients’ regulators.


  • The firm is staffed with approximately thirty professionals who have extensive, diverse and practical internal audit, and regulatory compliance experience.

  • The experience of our staff includes former senior bank executives, directors of internal audit and compliance functions of financial institutions, former “Big 4” auditors, former internal auditors and compliance personnel in financial institutions and financial services companies, former examiners, and those with experience in finance and credit functions in financial institutions.

  • The background of our team provides a well rounded skill set. While all our personnel are capable of providing superior service, the background of our personnel and their experience tends to produce “resident experts” in many areas which serves our clients well not only in specific audits, but also in our helping our clients address questions, issues, and related matters that arise throughout the year. We view this capability as critical to an appropriate internal audit function.

  • We recognize that our clients look to us to be expert in the services and consult that we provide. We ensure that our personnel are able to go well beyond expectations in this regard.

  • We ensure that those assigned to audits are knowledgeable as to the areas assigned and are more than capable of producing superior service. Toward that end, as needed “experts” are assigned to audits whose subject matter warrants it.

  • Our mission to add value and go above and beyond is supported by our diverse team which has a strong desire to build relationships, provide solid guidance, and ensure absolute quality.